Meet the Holo app

Your digital support tool to learn about and succeed with the lifestyle changes recommended by your care provider

Manage and keep track of your lifestyle treatment plan

Access delicious recipes, powerful tools, education, and support

Avoid confusing and contradictory health advice

How it works


Create health profile

Fill out the health form to create your profile


Access your lifestyle plan

View and manage the lifestyle changes recommended by your practitioner


Start your journey

Access the tools, education, recipes, and support you need to get going quickly and with confidence


Track & evaluate

Track your progress in the areas you care about and use as a guide on your health journey

What users say

"Holo has been a super helpful tool. I use it almost every day. You just load your different food preferences and then like magic – this is what you can eat!"

Annika, 48

"I was completely blown away when I opened Holo. It has everything! It’s been helpful when I start to lose motivation... you get inspired again!"

Leila, 34

Who can use the Holo app?

Gastrointestinal problems

Those with gastrointestinal issues such as IBS, SIBO, reflux, loose stools and more


Those with hypothyroidism, skin conditions, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic fatique and more

Metabolic health

Those who struggle with blood sugar issues, weight issues, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes or diabetes type 2

Health optimizers

Those who were previously sick or just have minor health problems approaching the end of the journey toward optimal health

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